Series I

ANASTASIA SERIES I by Rachael Phillips and Fergus Wilson

Children's E books available online - Recommended reading age 6-12 years.

Meet Anastasia and discover more about her wonderful relationship with the horses of Boughton Lodge.  Anastasia is a young girl who spends each summer with her Uncle and Aunt together with their horses, chickens and dogs.

Despite having lots of horses to ride whenever she wants Anastasia feels lonely at times.  This is the first introduction to Anastasia, the horses of Boughton Lodge and the friends she makes along the way.


 anastasia and the horses of boughton lodge by fergus wilson & rachael p  anastasia and the mounted regal rescue by fergus wilson & rachael phill



anastasia and the pony smugglers by fergus wilson & rachael phillips 
Will Anastasia ever meet someone her own age?
 Can the young detective stop the jewel thieves?
 Can the young detective save the ponies?
 anastasia and the puppy farm by fergus wilson & rachael phillips  anastasia and the lost polish farm workers by fergus wilson & rachael p  anastasia and the strange german worker by fergus wilson & rachael phil
Can the young detectives save the puppies in time? Can the young detectives help the farm workers? Can the young detectives solve the mystery of the strange farm worker?
 anastasia and the russian white stallion by fergus wilson & rachael phi  anastasia and the palomino foals by fergus wilson & rachael phillips  anastasia series 1 omnibus by fergus wilson & rachael phillips
Can the young detectives discover the secret of the Russian White Stallion? Can the young crime fighters protect the Chestnut fillies?  Series I Omnibus



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 Anastasia - Sheer Elegance, Part One (Anastasia Series IV)

                                        Anastasia Series IV - Ages 13 years and upwards


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